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FINALLY! The complete guide for Reef Aquariums
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Simplified Reef Keeping is the first clearly-explained guide to reef keeping. With 306 pages detailing the direct approach to a rewarding, successful reef tank. The book contains all the tips and techniques that every reef hobbyist is looking for. It explains the pitfalls and gives solutions to most common problems with the reef.

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Simply the BEST Guide to Reef Keeping!


"I have read the book. Even though I consider myself a seasoned handyman I learned a good deal from your insight and experience in regards to building your own equipment. I know that I will be able to use it and there is no doubt that the cost of the book will be recouped several times in the process. I also greatly appreciated the points made concerning wasting money on unneeded equipment. I would recommend this book to anyone who is in the hobby and highly recommend it to those thinking about entering. Buy the book before you get started!"

Darrell Garner Hickory, NC



This Book Will...

  • Remove the mystery of setting up and maintaining a reef aquarium
  • Walks you through, step by step, from conception to completion
  • Explain all the elements of a successful reef tank
  • Tell you where and how to buy material and livestock at the best prices
  • Insure your reefkeeping success


I think the pics show the results pretty well. When I started this hobby I didn't know anything about it, not until I came across SRK on the net, then I purchased the book and it just made everything simpler and more understandable. The results are fantastic!

Dave Mello Erie, Pennsylvania

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