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Phosphate levels in the reef aquarium.

I have a problem with my 75 gallon reef. My ammonia is 0, my nitrate is 0 , my nitrate is 0 !My problem is phosphate . It measures 1.0 ppm in my reef . But my make up water is always 0 , or my water change water is 0 also . My calcium is 350 . I get these continuous green algae blooms . I am in the process of building a sump like u suggest in your book . This way i can use pickling lime for my calcium . Wondering if u have an idea as far as phosphate ? I really love the book ! It keeps my mind going on new ideas !

Phosphate can come from food, additives to the tank (some carbon) and waste from creatures in the tank.

Your on the right track to elevate the calcium level, this will lower phosphate. Also, you don't say how old the tank is? but if its fairly new (less than one year) the algae blooms are just something that has to be balanced out.

1 PPM is not that bad, and I'm sure if you follow the suggestions above, you can get it down


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